Water Well Grant in Ireland – Full Guide 

Water Well Grant in Ireland – Full Guide 

Water Well Grant Cork

In Ireland, around 11% of people get their water from private supplies like wells. Water wells aren’t particularly reliable, mainly because these domestic supplies don’t benefit from regular checks by water testing authorities. This means that the quality and safety of them can be uncertain. If you’re struggling with an unreliable domestic supply and can’t access water from anywhere, we have some great news. The Irish government has a grant available for homeowners.

A Water Well Grant is available as part of the Rural Water Programme, mitigating the cost of drilling new wells or adapting existing ones. What’s more, households can use the grant to finance filtration systems to improve water quality. If you want to learn more, read our guide about everything you need to know about the available grant. 

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What is the Water Well Grant? 

The Water Well Grant is designed to support over 180,000 households in Ireland that depend on private water supplies. Generally speaking, it can be used to support the cost of carrying out remedial works where the current water supply is substandard. This government grant for well drilling in Ireland can be accessed if current water supplies fail to meet domestic needs.

As well as providing reliable domestic supplies to households in rural areas, it will also help improve public health across the country. The grant for well water works will help ensure Drinking Water Regulations are met. 

Who Can Apply for the Grant? 

Wondering about eligibility for a grant for well drilling in Ireland? Currently, you can apply for assistance if your property is not connected to the public water supply. However, you’ll need to provide that your property can’t be served by a Group Water Supply Scheme or public source. If your property lies within an area currently served by a group water scheme or Irish Water, you’re not eligible to apply.

Other conditions need to be considered. For one, your property must be at least seven years old and haven’t received a grant in the last seven years. Finally, to benefit from a grant for well drilling in Ireland, the total cost of works carried out must be at least €750. 

How Much is the Grant Worth? 

Does your home need to install a brand-new well? The grant for well drilling can cover as much as 85% of the total cost of installation. However, grant support is capped at €5,000.

Does your existing supply need rehabilitation? Grant support once again covers 85% of the total costs. However, you’ll grant aid for rehabilitation work capped at €3,000.

More generous grants are available for anyone thinking about water treatment installation. If you’re considering adding UV or filtration systems, you can receive grant support covering the total cost of work. However, this only applies to installations totalling a maximum €1,000. 

What Type of Work is Covered? 

Private grants cover a variety of different works. This can include rehabilitation of an existing one, such as relining a system or deepening your current well. It can also cover the cost of removing silt from your well. What’s more, the grant provides financial assistance for drilling an entirely new well.

If your domestic water supply fails to meet the quality standards of the European Drinking Water Directive (DWD), you can also use grant assistance to install the necessary filters.

Do you rely on surface water for your supply? Grant support can help mitigate the cost of installing a new system or upgrading your current system. The cost of ancillary works, electrical installation and pump services are also generally covered by this grant support scheme.  

How Do You Apply? 

Applying for the Water Well Grant in Ireland is straightforward. Follow the steps outlined below to make your claim: 

  1. Fill out a Form PWS 1a (application form) or do this online. 
  2. Arrange a pre-works inspection with the local housing authority. 
  3. Wait to hear if you’re application has been approved or rejected. 
  4. Get in touch with Complete Plumbing Solutions to handle the required work. 
  5. Fill out a Form PWS 1b (payment claims form). 
  6. Arrange a post-works housing authority inspection. 
  7. The improvements will be accepted or rejected. 
  8. Your claim will then be processed. 

Are There Any Special Conditions to Consider? 

Before applying for this grant, bear in mind that some conditions are in place. For starters, the overall cost of the approved costs needs to be at least €750. Furthermore, any work carried out needs to be done by experienced contractors. Your contractor will need to be able to provide a Tax Clearance Certificate or have an up-to-date C2.

Before making a grant application, you’ll also need to have abstained three separate quotes for the work that needs to be carried out. Finally, you can’t have already applied for a grant for water supply improvements at the same address during the previous seven years.

Click here for a full breakdown of terms and conditions for water wells and supply grants.  

Why You Should Think About Applying 

If you live in a rural area and don’t have access to a public water supply, you should explore the benefits of grant assistance. As well as helping cover the cost of well drilling, you can use grant support to ensure your current system is fit for purpose and provide you with a clean and reliable domestic supply.  

Looking for a Quote? 

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