• combi boiler control pad

    What is a Combi Boiler? Full Guide 2023

    August 26, 2023

    If you’re keen to bring down your monthly energy bills and start living more efficiently, it’s time to think about having a combi boiler installed. If your current system is lacking efficiency or your gas boiler is not firing up, a low-maintenance combi model is an obvious choice. What is a combi boiler and how

  • Summer Plumbing Checklist Every Homeowner Needs in 2023

    July 31, 2023

    Summer is a busy time for home maintenance and taking out the garden furniture. Most of us spend considerable time and money on freshening up our exteriors, indulging our green thumbs and getting the garden ready for al fresco fun with friends and family. However, most people forget about their plumbing when compiling those summer

  • Water Well Grant Cork

    Water Well Grant in Ireland – Full Guide 

    July 5, 2023

    In Ireland, around 11% of people get their water from private supplies like wells. Water wells aren’t particularly reliable, mainly because these domestic supplies don’t benefit from regular checks by water testing authorities. This means that the quality and safety of them can be uncertain. If you’re struggling with an unreliable domestic supply and can’t

  • boiler is not firing up due to low gas pressure

    8 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Not Firing Up and Instant Fixes

    June 20, 2023

    A boiler not firing up is a common occurrence. A boiler that won’t ignite is a major issue at the best of times. Your central heating system won’t work, and you won’t have access to hot water until the underlying cause is resolved. During the summer, this isn’t ideal. In colder months, it’s a major

  • 5 Common Plumbing Issues & How To Fix Them

    May 23, 2023

    Plumbing issues are incredibly common. While older properties with outdated plumbing systems tend to suffer more issues, problems can arise in any home. It’s tempting to ignore the nuisance of a dripping tap or running toilet, but doing so will cost you in the long run. As well as wasting water, these innocuous issues often

  • toilet paper

    The True Cost of Flushing Household Items Down the Toilet

    April 20, 2023

    Most of us are guilty of flushing things down the toilet that have no place passing through those U-bends. While flushing the occasional wet wipe or paper towel might seem harmless, these items can wreak havoc on your plumbing. If you get off lightly, you’ll end up with a blocked toilet. At worst, you can

  • combi boiler vs system boiler

    Combi Boiler vs System Boiler: The Ultimate Debate

    March 15, 2023

    Answering the combi boiler vs system boiler question isn’t as simple as picking the cheapest model. For most homeowners, multiple factors need to be considered before settling on a boiler unit that’s right for them. You’ll need to consider factors such as how much hot water you use, the size of your property, and whether

  • what is the cost of replacing a gas boiler in Ireland?

    Cost of Replacing a Gas Boiler in 2023

    February 22, 2023

    The assumed cost of replacing a gas boiler means many of us settle for second-rate central heating systems. However, the importance of a reliable boiler can’t be overlooked. An efficient boiler keeps our homes warm during the winter months and brings us hot water on demand when we need it most.  If you’ve had your

  • how to flush radiators

    How to Flush Radiators At Home

    January 31, 2023

    Knowing how to flush radiators can drastically improve the efficiency of a central heating system. There are several big giveaways that your radiators require flushing. Are your radiator panels cold to the touch in places? Are you having to bleed them more regularly than usual? Perhaps your boiler is making unusual noises and working harder

  • how often should you service your boiler

    How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

    December 13, 2022

    ‘How often should you service your boiler?’ is a question you should be asking yourself if you want to keep your central heating systems working as they should. Beyond ensuring your boiler is working properly, regular servicing will prevent any safety issues from becoming a problem.  Although boiler servicing isn’t a legal requirement for homeowners,